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2019-06-26 09:03

   The polishing process can be broadly divided into 3 steps: rough, medium and fine polishing. To achieve the best polishing results you need to match the polishing wax with a targeted polishing wax. Our polishing waxes are of high quality and easy to use, and their specific functions vary according to the colour of the polishing wax.
    Use as follows:
    Turn the polishing wheel with the direction of rotation towards you and when sufficient speed is obtained, gently lean the polishing wax against the edge of the wheel and ensure that it is below the level of the axis of rotation until the surface of the wheel is covered with polishing wax. Gently rest a clean piece of metal against the surface of the wheel for a few seconds to spread the wax. Repeat the above steps so that the wax is evenly covered on the surface of the wheel. The wheel is then ready for polishing. If necessary, apply additional polishing wax to the surface of the wheel. When polishing, it is important that the wheels used for rough, medium and fine polishing are separated, otherwise the surface of the workpiece will be easily scratched during the polishing process. When polishing is complete, wipe the surface of the workpiece with a soft cloth moistened with talcum powder, the purpose of this step is to remove the wax.
    I hope this article can provide you with help.

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