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2019-06-26 09:03

    Dongge Abrasives manufactures all kinds of Korean page wheels with care, here is a brief introduction to Korean page wheels.
    Also known as the strong elastic grinding disc, the Korean page wheel is made of abrasive cloth page and a special engineering plastic matrix bonded with a specific adhesive, which is a kind of industrial consumables. It is widely used for removing rust, paint, burrs and welds on various flat and curved surfaces of metal and non-metal materials in the automotive, machinery, bridge and construction industries and furniture.
   Advantages of the Korean page wheel: the product has a very strong cutting rate, heat and wear resistance, a very significant simultaneous consumption of sand and cloth, as well as a long service life. It also has a strong elasticity, high tensile and bending strength and is suitable for grinding the weld seams and the flying edges of pressed parts inside the box. Mainly used for grinding and polishing of various stainless steel and carbon steel structural parts.
    How to use the Korean Page Wheel: It can be fitted to an electric or pneumatic grinding machine for use. Pay attention to operational safety and ensure that the grinding wheel used is the correct model.
   Dongge Abrasives Co. is a professional abrasives manufacturer with 24 years of experience in abrasives production, from the core of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Bay Area - Shunde, Foshan, specializing in the production of louver (flower leaf wheel, flat abrasive cloth wheel, Korean page wheel), nylon wheel, polishing wax, wire drawing wheel, thousand page wheel, etc. Many series of many products, welcome to call us for more information.
    Hope this article can provide you with help.

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