Mesh Cover Series

Product introduction: The mesh cover series flat abrasive wheel is made of resin abrasive cloth and mesh substrate bonded by one-component glue, suitable for sanding the weld ports, corners, pinch corners and impact parts flying edges on the surface of metal, aggregate and other workpieces, widely used in various industries such as ships, automobiles, light industry, metal furniture, stainless steel and hardware products. Features: The mesh is used as the substrate and a one-component glue is used to make the bonding solidity between the abrasive cloth and the substrate higher. The mesh substrate has extremely strong support and impact resistance, and the substrate and abrasive cloth can be consumed simultaneously during use, which can achieve a very high product utilisation rate. Abrasives: zirconium corundum, brown corundum, calcined sand Series name specification sandpaper specification page number (page) grit abrasive packing (piece/case) max. speed (R.P.M) φ78 mesh cover series 18mm*23mm100mm*16mm4"*5/8"72120#~60# zirconium corundum, brown corundum, calcined sand20013500φ90 mesh cover series 18mm* 23mm100mm*16mm4"*5/8"72320#~40#zirconium corundum, brown corundum, calcined sand20013500φ107 Mesh cover series18mm*23mm115mm*22mm4.5"*7/8"80320#~60#zirconium corundum, brown corundum, calcined sand20013300φ117 Mesh cover series18mm*28mm125mm*22mm5.5"*7/8"80320#~60#zirconium corundum, brown corundum, calcined sand 28mm125mm*22mm5"*7/8"88320#~60#zirconium corundum, brown corundum, calcined sand20012300φ140 Mesh cover series18mm*30mm150mm*22mm6"*7/8"96320#~60#zirconium corundum, brown corundum, calcined sand2009800φ170 Mesh cover series18mm*38mm180mm*22mm7"*7/8"96320#~60#zirconium corundum, brown corundum, calcined sand 38mm180mm*22mm7"*7/8"120320#~60#zirconium corundum, brown corundum, calcined sand1008800Note: The above are conventional specifications, can be customized according to customer needs.


Mesh Cover Series


Flat Sandcloth Wheel/Flat Grinding Disc

Mesh Cover Series