Fancy leaf wheel (by hand)

Product introduction: Flower leaf wheel is a kind of polishing abrasive made of resin abrasive cloth block material, which can be used with electric tools and wind tools to repair and polish various workpieces, suitable for polishing treatment of curved surface and irregular surface of products in various industries such as ships, automobiles, light industry, metal furniture, stainless steel and hardware products. Features: The flower leaf wheel has the following characteristics: ① flexible, with strong tensile and bending strength; ③ good self-sharpening, high grinding rate and high polishing efficiency; ① light to use, flexible operation; ⑤ low noise in use; ⑤ good heat dissipation performance, not easy to burn damage workpiece. Especially suitable for various stainless steel, carbon steel structural parts and other work


Flowering Leaf Wheel Centrifugal Wheel


Flower Impeller

Fancy leaf wheel (by hand)