Vertical Page Wheel / Disc Page Wheel

Product Description: The vertical grinding wheel is vertically bonded with resin sandpaper and mesh by means of a strong glue, and is suitable for the grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, stone and plastics, as well as the grinding of welded seams and stamping parts with flying edges. Features: The special combination structure of resin sandpaper and mesh substrate gives the vertical grinding wheel excellent heat dissipation properties, effectively avoiding blackening and thermal deformation of the workpiece, while the vertical combination structure makes the vertical grinding wheel more flexible in the process of use, with better polishing results and higher efficiency. Abrasive material: brown corundum Name specification sandpaper specification specification number of pages (pages) grit abrasive packing (piece/box) maximum speed (R.P.M) vertical page wheel 80P15mm*23mm100mm*16mm4"*5/8" 80320#~60# brown corundum 10012000 vertical page wheel 15mm*23mm100mm*16mm4"*5/8" 90320#~60#Brown corundum 10012000


Vertical Page Wheel / Disc Page Wheel


Flat Sandcloth Wheel/Flat Grinding Disc

Vertical Page Wheel / Disc Page Wheel