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2019-06-26 09:03

  The abrasives used in nylon wheels are mainly silicon carbide and corundum. Silicon carbide is hard, sharp, efficient and creates a better grit pattern on most work surfaces. Corundum is tougher, more durable and has a better cutting rate for some materials such as hardened steel. The choice of abrasive grit size should be determined by practical trials and experience.
  The choice of density (hardness) of the nylon wheel. The greater the weight of the nylon wheel, the greater the density and hardness, but this is not strictly speaking an absolute relationship, it depends on the combination of abrasive, glue and fibre. Under the same conditions, hard wheels have a higher cutting rate and a better finish, while soft wheels have a better consistency of the sand pattern and are less likely to burn the surface of the workpiece.
  In addition, the colour of the nylon wheel is generally related to the abrasive used, e.g. green is used for green silicon. As different materials need to be polished with different abrasives, the correct colour of nylon wheel should be used.
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