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2019-06-26 09:03

   Sanding discs have a wide range of applications in industrial production, with high daily consumption and the need for frequent replacement. So, today it is up to me to show you how to replace your sanding discs more safely and quickly.
    1、Disconnect the power supply and press the stop turn button pin;
    2、Then use the professional spanner of the grinding machine to clamp the front clipboard of the grinding wheel, align the two holes, turn the spanner counterclockwise, after loosening, remove the front clipboard of the sanding pad, and then remove the sanding pad to be replaced;;
    3、After installing the new sanding pad, you need to see if the slot of the rear chuck of the sanding pad has a good match with the output shaft, and then spin the front chuck of the sanding pad to make sure that it is appropriate. Prevent the sanding discs from flying out or being damaged;
    4、After installing the sanding sheet, you can turn the machine for about 2 seconds to feel if the machine is running normally.
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    Hope this article can bring you help.

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