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2019-06-26 09:03

   Polishing wax has a wide range of applications in everyday industrial production. To ensure the quality and extend the service life of polishing wax, several points should be noted when using polishing wax. The following is a brief introduction to the precautions to be taken when using polishing wax.
    1. The hardness of the workpiece to be polished. The hardness of the polishing wax needs to be higher than the hardness and toughness of the surface of the workpiece to be polished, otherwise it is difficult to achieve grinding;
    2, polishing wax needs to have good heat resistance and thermal stability. Because the polishing wax will rise sharply during polishing due to friction, this requires good heat resistance and thermal stability of the polishing wax, otherwise it will be easily decomposed and affect the polishing effect.
    3, polishing wax needs to have good stability. Because of the need to contact with the workpiece, in order to prevent chemical reactions with the workpiece surface, polishing wax needs to have good stability to maintain the polishing quality.
    In addition to the above three points, the quality of the polishing wax is also crucial. Therefore, you should pay attention to whether the polishing wax is out of date, damp or deteriorated before use, so as to ensure the quality of polishing.
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    We hope that this article will help you.

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