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2019-06-26 09:03

 Dongge Abrasives produces high quality Thousand Page Wheel which is a trustworthy product. Many of my friends ask me, "What is the Thousand Page Wheel like? What is it made of? And what is the function? The following is a brief introduction to the production and application of the thousand-page wheel.
  The Thousand Leaf Wheel, also known as the Thousand Page Wheel and the chucked page wheel, is a type of coated abrasive. As the name implies, the Thousand Leaf Wheel is made up of hundreds of sanding cloth sheets glued together by full resin. The upper and lower grooves of the chuck fix the sand blade between the upper and lower chuck, the two ends of the inner side of the sand blade are set with L-shaped snap grooves and fastening rings, fastening rings and snap grooves fixed connection, said fastening rings by the glue and snap grooves curing bonded together, and a thousand page wheel. In addition, various shaped wheels can be produced according to customer requirements.
  The thousand-page wheel is characterised by a hard, wear-resistant working surface, strong elasticity, as well as sharp cutting, high processing efficiency, no burning of the workpiece, stable performance, easy operation and high safety. The product is widely used, suitable for stainless steel, wood, stone and other surface rough polishing, grinding, rust removal, and polishing and shaping of various irregular surfaces.
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