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2019-06-26 09:03

   Nowadays, with the continuous innovation and development of technology, machines have gradually replaced manual manufacturing with the advantages of high efficiency, high quality and the ability to reduce costs and speed up the time to market, and have become a trend. Under the background of automation, Dongge Abrasives Co., Ltd. has started to introduce and develop automation equipment, and has achieved a lot in recent years.
    First of all, it is the introduction and training of automation talents. Since our company established the goal of achieving automated production, we have introduced a large number of automation professionals, forming a professional and efficient automation production team.
    Then came the establishment and improvement of the relevant rules and regulations. In order to make automated production safer and more efficient, our company has set up a special management team, as well as a set of rules and regulations to ensure safe production and improve production efficiency, with regular equipment safety checks to ensure the safety of the team's production.
    Finally, there is a focus on the development and innovation of automation equipment. In recent years, our company has increased its investment in automation equipment and has developed a lot of automation equipment independently. Moreover, our self-developed automation equipment adopts a new production process to produce better quality and more wear-resistant products.

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