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2019-06-26 09:03

   Yesterday (30 June 2019), in order to celebrate the 98th birthday of the Party and in response to the public hygiene cleaning day of the community with the theme of "Clean your own home, clean yourself", Dongge Abrasives Company called some of its employees to carry out a big cleaning of the company, including the company's factory and the public area outside the main entrance. In the morning, although the sun was hot, the staff came to the company early and waited for the activity to start with great anticipation.
   As soon as the activity started, the staff went to their respective areas to clean with enthusiasm, and although they were drenched in sweat in no time, their enthusiasm remained undiminished. One of the staff members who participated in the cleaning activity said: "Holding a cleaning activity not only gives everyone a clean working environment, but also raises everyone's awareness of hygiene.
    Finally, with the end of this cleaning activity, the cleaned area was like a new look. I believe that, as the employee said, after this cleaning, we can have a cleaner and cleaner working environment, thus improving the efficiency of the staff and enhancing the corporate culture.

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